How can 3D exterior visualization services help you sell real estate?

The provision of 3D exterior visualization services is an excellent way to value architects and their work. While a stunning exterior 3D visual adds a whole new level of appeal to any property. At the same time, 3D rendering requires greater skill and expertise. It takes a perfect integration of the layout into an existing or new object for one to create 3D renderings.

The importance of 3D architectural visualization is undeniable since it has unparalleled value for the real estate industry. It allows property owners to sell their properties on time and helps buyers by providing them with value estimates. Let’s consider the benefits of 3D exterior visualization services for real estate builders. But first, let’s define 3D exterior visualization or 3D rendering process.

Note: Explore every aspect of 3D architectural visualization. 

3d exterior visualization services

What is 3D exterior visualization?

The process of constructing the visual representation of your project’s exterior spaces in 3D is called Exterior Visualization.

Images of your project are then rendered using 3D software to give them photorealism and impact. Nowadays, the importance of 3D exterior rendering for any commercial and residential project is undeniable. However, only the right 3D exterior visualization services can accelerate the sale of your property.

Like we at mimAR can vividly visualize the exterior features including lawns, gardens, play areas, building exteriors, and more. We Boost the sales ability of a product even before its completion by helping property developers, architects, space planners, etc.

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Top 5 Benefits of 3D exterior visualization services

Visualizing an empty lot in a photorealistic way is best to add value. You can add true colors and portray them through a unique style with an empty landscape. By digitally presenting your space, you can make sales more quickly. Take a look at the top reasons for hiring 3D exterior visualization services.

• Fills empty land with a value

Selling an empty lot is not easy. In fact, it is both time-consuming and risky. It’s because the buyer won’t buy after looking at an empty lot. In this case, 3D exterior visualization services provide assurance of value, time and security. Since every detail is visible, the buyer cannot ignore the 3D model. In short, 3D architectural visualization services are proven to add tremendous value to vacant land.

• Showcase Different Design choices

You need to be aware that every prospective client has a different taste when it comes to 3D designs. The carpeting, appliances, fixtures, lighting, landscaping, and patio furniture in a property can all influence the decision to purchase. Additionally, it is possible to showcase different designs for a single property, which makes it appealing to buyers. By showing all possible features, including pools, fitness centers, playgrounds, and guard stations, you can save a ton of time. Such properties tend to sell faster.

• Visually Engage Your Clients

The advent of 3D architectural technology has made life easier and better. The real estate industry today can rely on it to provide alluring 3D Architectural Views for buyers to better appreciate what they are purchasing. Add vivid colors, dazzling lights, and captivating views to create an aura of charm and pleasure for the eye through day and night views.

• Put luxury on display

All of the tiniest details contribute to the charm of a home, but luxurious features are a class apart. A real estate rendering that highlights marble floors, granite countertops, high-end fixtures, and even solar panels catch the viewer’s eye and highlights the reasons for an expensive price tag. A 3D exterior rendering also demonstrates the surroundings in an optimal manner. Such as if there are mountains, lakes, or oceans. It only takes putting these features through next-level 3D exterior visualization services.

• Pre-Sell Unbuilt Real Estate

You’ll most likely be selling a property that doesn’t actually have a house on it. It’s better than showing empty land to potential buyers, because you can illustrate how it will look with a building. It is especially the case if an architect has already been hired to construct a house on the property. You can create renderings that help prospective buyers visualize the project. Seeing how the final property will look before it is built will eliminate any unexpected surprises for buyers.

mimAR's 3D exterior visualization services

3D exterior visualization services are at the top of our list, but they’re also more complex and require more expertise. Our 3D exterior rendering services are individualized for every architect and every architectural detail.

At mimAR, we’ve worked with real estate agents, developers, and interior designers to help 3D market their project. We offer 3D exterior visualization services that enable you to see your architectural concept’s exterior in breathtaking detail.

Our goal is to ensure the quality of your project. Whether it is the technical specifications, the artistic vision, or the architectural details, we make sure every aspect makes the right impression. Reach us to learn more about how the use of 3D renderings can enhance your marketing.