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Immerse yourself in interactive experiences with our VR tours, web tours, dual screen experiences, and more. Explore architecture like never before with our cutting-edge interactive services.

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The architectural design starts with conceptualization, transforming visions into early concepts, focusing on client needs, site analysis, and creating solutions that match functional and
aesthetic goals.

DESIGN AND Development

Once a concept is approved, the design moves into the development phase. Detailed plans, elevations, and 3D models are created to refine the design, taking into account structural considerations, material selection, and spatial relationships.

Testing and Deployment

The final step involves producing detailed construction documents, including technical drawings, specifications, and material schedules. These documents serve as a guide for contractors and builders during the construction phase.

Our Process


We start by understanding the interactive idea and its purpose, and then we plan the next steps. We also get to know the audience and what they need, making sure our service meets their expectations.


Next, we focus on designing and building the project, making it look good and work well. This stage covers the look (UI), how it feels to use (UX), how it works, and its technical setup.


We test everything to make sure it's high-quality, easy to use, and enjoyable. Based on feedback from users, we make any changes needed to enhance their experience.


We keep the project running smoothly, fixing any problems and adding new content or features as needed. Regular updates help keep the service engaging and working well over time.


The simplest difference is that AR enhances reality, while VR creates a virtual world. Augmented reality (AR) allows users to see and interact with virtual elements in their physical surroundings. Whereas, virtual reality (VR) creates a completely immersive environment.

A web tour is a digital environment that lets the users explore and navigate through a website or web-based application and interact with the visual elements like table chairs etc. Web tours are designed to showcase key features & highlight important information about a project.

Yes, all of the immersive services that we offer at mimAR Studios are compatible with mobile devices. Our VR tours, web tours, augmented reality experiences and other interactive services can be accessed through VR headsets, mobile apps on smartphones and web browsers.

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