Why do property developers desire
3D architectural walkthroughs

Selling real estate to a client has always been a challenge for property developers. In the past, it was too difficult to present an idea to a potential client.  

Today, 3D architectural walkthrough services can help you present and sell your ideas quickly and effectively. All you have to do is contact a 3D architectural visualization studio like mimAR.

Note: We at mimAR, handle all your architectural visualization needs under one roof.  

Are you familiar with 3D architectural walkthroughs? Let’s review the basics to give you a better understanding. 

What is a 3D architectural walkthrough?

Architectural walkthroughs are 3D animations showing 2D plans (designs and drawings) in 3D. It’s a way of helping you realize your ideas through 3D Architecture Visualizaton technology. Then represent and market these ideas to sell your real estate.  

Today, architectural walkthroughs are a necessity for any property developer wanting to sell a commercial or residential space. You can explore your architecture in 3D, whether it’s interior or exterior. 

5 Reasons Why real estate builders need 3D Architectural Walkthrough Services

Architectural walkthroughs animation plays a major role in today’s real estate industry. They are an effective way to maximize the sale of properties. A 3D animation just lets you visualize, add exciting elements such as light, sound, etc. It allows you to tell your story in a visually attractive way.  

In the real estate industry today, 3D architectural interior and exterior walkthroughs are vital for several reasons.  

1) 3D animation walkthrough is an immersive experience

Above all, walkthroughs are immersive experiences. To create a 3D effect, all we need is a combination of light, sound, and technology, just like in video games. 

Every detail can be added and edited according to your vision. This allows both you and the client to review each detail in real time. Then the final step clears the air regarding the future of your building, enabling your client to buy easily and quickly. 

2) A Realistic view of the property

A 3D animation is not just a way to display your property. It is made from exact measurements of the project’s location. As part of mimAR’s services, we generate renders for interiors and exteriors of every space using different architectural software.

Therefore, the aim here is to create realistic architectural renderings that reflect reality at a higher level.  

3D walkthroughs enable architects to monitor the progress of projects during the construction process. Also, help them market their real estate in an effective way. 

3) Interactive 3D Environment

An interactive 3D environment created with virtual reality looks simply stunning. All you need is a VR headset to enjoy VR experiences. Take your client around the property, point out details, and show them every corner. Additionally, interactive VR experiences can even allow your clients to change the environment. By doing so, they can switch lights on and off, roll blinds to allow sunlight to penetrate into the interior space, and more. This will simplify the process of selling your property. 

4) Using Walkthroughs for storytelling

Using walkthroughs to tell stories can improve the sales process dramatically. Zooming into light fixtures, for example, enables you to see fine details. Moreover, explain to your potential clients how the process works from start to finish. For large projects, you can even create 3D flythroughs.  

The benefits of exterior and interior walkthroughs are many, as they can be used for so much more than just that. It depends on the level of project you are working on or planning to undertake.  

5) 3D Architectural Walkthroughs Offer Convenience

A 3D architectural walkthrough offers convenience because it allows you to visit any property from the comfort of your home. While still images can also convey the same information, walking through space can give you a better sense of the whole space. Whether it’s interior or exterior, a 3D interface allows you to walk into your idea rather than just view it. With 3D architectural walkthroughs, you can provide your clients with 360-degree tours inside their apartments.

Experience the VR 360 Virtual Tour That Gives You Real Feel.

Why Choose mimAR’s 3D Architectural Walkthrough Services?

mimAR provides architectural visualization services as a one-stop shop for all architecture-related needs. With virtual, augmented, and mixed reality, we help visualize your future project. The process assists developers with both planning and marketing projects.   

Our 3D walkthrough services will enable you to visualize and make your idea a reality. Realtors turn to us for everything from simple design to 3D modeling, 3D animations, to branding and marketing for their upcoming projects.   

Why Choose us?

  • Using the most advanced tools, we can help your clients make fast and efficient decisions.
  • Our marketing and advertising services are extremely effective and affordable, helping you save a lot of money.
  • Our experts design the exact layout for your project while visualizing both the interior and exterior spaces.

Final Words

The real estate industry is becoming increasingly interested in 3D architectural walkthroughs. Because it’s the most effective way to visually represent your property and market it. We saw in the article how it improves sales and marketing, saves money, and is convenient.   

Mimar uses innovative technologies like AR & VR to create 3D animation walkthroughs for developers. Our walk-through services can be of great help to developers on their next project.  

You’ll be amazed at the difference 3D walkthroughs make for your project. Get started today