Top 10 Virtual Reality Applications In 2022

Top 10 Industries Using Virtual Reality Applications in 2022

There is no limit to the possibilities offered by virtual reality applications across a wide range of industries. The capability ranges from the ability to view apartments in 360 degrees to military drills using situational awareness. Users can experience a safe, immersive, and realistic experience in Virtual Reality, including experiences that are impossible in the physical world. It can help users save significant amounts of time and money.

Despite great virtual reality (VR) games being released, the future of VR, AR, and MR extend way beyond gaming. In this article, we list the top ten industries that have already embraced virtual reality and how it could influence them.

In case you aren’t familiar with the term, VR is a computer-generated environment that you can explore and interact with. Users are immersed in an environment, effectively tricking their brains into believing they are in the real world.

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1- Auto Industry

Designers and engineers can experiment easily with the shape and build of a vehicle prior to committing to the creation of expensive prototypes in VR. BMW, Jaguar Land Rover, and Nissan have already begun utilizing Virtual reality applications. An early engineering and design review ensures the vehicle’s design and object obscuration are correct before it’s actually manufactured.

By reducing prototype manufacturing costs, virtual reality is saving the automotive industry millions of dollars.

2- Healthcare Industry

Virtual reality applications have significant potential in healthcare. In fact, some healthcare professionals now use virtual modeling to prepare for real-life situations. Even burn victims have found virtual reality to be effective in relieving their pain.
In addition to treating physical ailments, virtual reality can treat anxiety and post-traumatic stress disorder. It can also help with many other aspects of psychological health.

3- Buying and Selling Real Estate

Rather than having to hire an estate agent or sacrifice your weekend, you can browse properties from the comfort of your own home. By doing so, you can explore houses on the internet and then only see the ones you’re most likely to like in person. 
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4- Buildings and Architecture

Architecture is gradually becoming more experimental and designing with VR is becoming easier. The use of 3D architecture visualization reality allows people to experience not just what a space or building looks like, but how it feels as well. The space can be experienced by homeowners before it is physically built and changes can be made in real-time, making the architect and customer happier after completion.

VR allows architects to understand and explore the space at a depth that they have not been able to achieve when using 3D models.

5- Wholesale and Retail

When shopping online, we don’t have the option of trying on the clothes before we buy them. We either have to buy two sizes and return one, or order one size and hope that it fits. In the near future, body-scanning technology in VR could change this by allowing us to do virtual fittings to see how clothes would appear in person.

Several companies are trying to develop virtual reality shopping experiences, including ASOS, which invested in Trillenium Software.

6- Tourism Industry

It would be great if you could try out your holiday prior to purchasing it. Hopefully, the future will allow that. In the near future, hotels, restaurants, and tourist attractions will be able to host guided virtual tours.

A Thomas Cook VR experience called ‘Try Before You Fly‘ launched in 2015, offering virtual reality applications at stores across the world that allow holidaymakers to try out a holiday before buying it. After people took a 5-minute tour in VR, there was a 190% increase in New York excursion bookings. It was available for free on YouTube and the BT VR app. BT Sport broadcast the final of the UEFA Champions League via 360 degrees VR. Watching the football game from multiple locations in the stadium was like being at the game in person. This type of initiative will likely change the way people watch sports.

7- Design and Art

VR allows you to not only create life-size artwork but also be in it. It is more interesting to walkthrough your work than simply viewing it. 

8- Education System

VR has the potential to revolutionize education as it allows students to learn experientially. Users can explore ancient Rome through apps, examine the human brain, or sail on the Titanic using apps from universities.

9- Activities in Sports

Sports fans are already watching sports in a new way, with VR companies offering live sports events in virtual reality. It is possible to watch events in VR, including the NBA, NFL, and other sporting events. Those who cannot travel to the venue for live sporting events or cannot afford tickets can now enjoy live sports events online.

Additionally, people can create some amazing pieces using the tilt brush application, one of the most well-known virtual reality applications for making art. Additionally, MasterpieceVR lets you build virtual 3D models and sculptures.

10- Business/Marketing

Virtual reality is becoming a logical extension of marketing because it allows companies to interact with their customers using their virtual senses. When Coca-Cola converted its Christmas advert into VR in Poland, it became one of the first companies to fully integrate virtual experiences into marketing campaigns.

Additionally, virtual campus tours of universities are becoming increasingly popular. Harvard and Columbia etc. are all trying out this method to let more students visit their campuses.

Final Words

It’s more likely than you think that virtual reality will influence how you work, play, and socialize in the future. Virtual reality lets us do a lot; the only things we can’t replace are sleeping and eating… for now.

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