Top benefits of virtual tours for the real estate Industry

The benefits of virtual tours for real estate include both buyers and sellers. Prospective buyers can view properties from their own homes. As for sellers, virtual tours offer a variety of advantages. Virtual tours help realtors sell more and engage more customers. In short, virtual tours are excellent for generating strong brand recognition.

What are (VR) virtual tours?

Virtual tours are VR technology that allows buyers to visit a property remotely. This allows them to see the property as if they were in person. They can easily access different parts of the house and view them from different angles. In short, they are a much more creative way to show property than simple videos or photos.

Which Industries are using virtual tours?

A virtual tour is a highly effective marketing tool. You can promote your business through a realistic, and exciting experience. Currently, VR real estate is growing in a way nobody imagined, just for the sake of efficiency.

Every day, nearly five million people use virtual tours to make decisions. Industry sectors that can benefit from virtual tours include:

· Tourism

· Education

· Real Estate

· Architecture and Design

· Retail

· Automotive

· Hospitality

· Medical

· Logistics

· Factories and Plants

· Museums

The article focuses on the real estate industry. So, let’s discuss some of the benefits of virtual tours for the real estate industry.

Benefits of Virtual Tours for Real Estate

• VR Tours Save Time

If you put a piece of property on the market, potential buyers may contact you hundreds of times. It can be tedious to meet each of them. Besides that, some people may be interested in learning but not in buying. With a virtual tour, prospective buyers can explore the property from their smartphones or laptops. Serious buyers will call and request more information. By doing this, you can devote more time to other facets of your business.

• VR Tours Save Cost

Meeting and showing properties to potential clients all over town can be a hassle. But now, you can save money by not driving as much. Despite this, you cannot assure them that they will buy from you. It may not be to their liking. However, you can avoid the issue if you conduct virtual house tours. Simply upload the tour to your site to allow customers to view the property in advance.

• Virtual Tours Increase Website Traffic

VR 360 tours on your website can generate 40% more traffic than normal images. You may ultimately gain a large number of clients for your business as a result of the surge in traffic to your website. Most importantly, this will help you achieve a higher rank on the results pages of Google.

• Social Media Traffic from VR Tours

In a matter of hours, virtual tours can become viral. An appealing tour will garner more likes, comments, and shares. Your tour will get tons of traffic once it becomes viral on social media (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter). You will also see a positive impact on your website’s traffic and ranking. Therefore, VR tours can help your brand develop a strong social media presence.

• VR Tours Can Help in Quality Backlinks

Virtual 360 tours gain backlinks every time they are shared online. Not only does this increase traffic, but it also establishes your authority on the internet. Backlinks from high-quality sites are key ranking signals. Your brand can be made more visible, your reputation can be strengthened, and you can get traffic for years to come through them.

• Virtual Tours Provide Realistic Experience

An online tour is like a house on permanent display. Clients who are interested in the tour can access it 24 hours from their offices or while traveling. A sense of ownership is instantaneously created with this technology. People can readily envision themselves living there once they complete the tour.

• Sell and Buy Efficiently with VR Tours

Real estate buying and selling used to be quite challenging before Virtual reality applications. Prospects had to wait for their calls before seeing a property. In this scenario, you need to keep visiting properties with clients. A virtual tour allows sellers as well as buyers to see a property virtually. Now it is much easier for buyers to be able to see a property online before actually visiting. While sellers want their properties sold quickly, they also want them to be showcased with virtual tours.

• VR Tours Need No Special Technical Knowledge

Virtual tours are available in almost every business today. Sending photos, videos, and floor plans are all you need to do. We at the mimAR will create an amazing tour for you. Adding narration and background music is also included in the virtual tour service. Upon completion, the tour will be uploaded to your website. You can also suggest modifications or add extras later if you like.

Which VR tour software is the best?

Virtual tour software is a crucial consideration for anyone who wants to make virtual tours. It is also essential to choose the right 360 camera to make virtual tours. A list of the most popular software for virtual tours in 2022 can be found below.

– Klapty

– Orbix 360

– Ricoh Theta Tours

– Pano2VR

– Matterport

– Metareal Stage

– Kuula Free Version

– Kuula Pro

MimAR’s VR 360 Tour Services:

The benefits of virtual tours for real estate are numerous, as we have already seen. mimAR creates VR tours that are easy to embed on most websites using different software for different projects. We offer VR tours that fit on all screens, whether they are phones, tablets, or laptops. Additionally, we provide clients with secure URLs that they can share with their clients with ease. You can view our VR tour to get a sense of our quality work.